Denim cushion and wool cushion for a cozy interior


The denim cushion, emblem of elegance

You like classic and refined decorations that combine elegance of materials and purity of lines? The denim cushions, made by Maison Popineau, are designed for you. After multiple sketches, research and assemblies of fabrics, the costume designer achieved an impeccable and high-end result, that of the predominantly denim modesty cushion. ( Its sobriety is generated by shiny and luxurious materials which alternate with more sober and discreet fabrics. Thus, this cushion combines a meadow green silk and cotton satin and a linen, wool and silver metal brocade with a striped raw wool twill and a medium gray cotton denim.

The wool cushion for a warm interior

The wool cushion evokes a cozy and comfortable sofa within from which we love ourselves without restraint. Its exquisite heat and warming touch are used in the making of many interior decoration objects. Maison Popineau chose a wool core to make its poppy cushion ( from from the Clin d’oeil range. Around this nerve center, made from a raw and authentic material, gravitate three geometric flat areas based on poppy red raw silk, black caviar embossed cotton velvet and clarissimo wool and polyester twill.