"A cushion does not exist unless it is admired"



The art and the material


The Maison Popineau was founded on the idea of working in interior decoration, in particular cushions, like paintings, works of art as well as pieces of haute couture.

We have created Cushion Collections to collect for their visual appeal as well as for their comfort, to show off in a living room, bedroom, on a bed, a sofa or armchair.

Each design cushion is unique or produced in small limited editions for custom-made, distinctive interiors, far from the diktats of standardization.

New models are added to Collections on a regular basis, to replace others that are no longer available. New Collections with new designs, new graphics will be added over time.

We hope to offer a constantly changing Collection so that when you visit our website, you will be inspired to renew your interior decoration. 

All of our models are designed by Aurore, the House's Artistic Director, who uses her creative skills and technique to ensure Maison Popineau's high-end standards.

The website favors visuals to provide you with a pleasant experience every time you visit, like when you look at a catalog for an exhibition or a magazine.

Although text plays a secondary role, the words have been carefully chosen to enrich the meaning of the poetic images.


An environmentally responsible approach

We also strive to adopt a responsible approach to consumption throughout the manufacturing process.

Our products are 100% made in France in our Paris workshop.

The raw materials used in making our design cushions either come from textile ends-of-series, vintage remnants, reserves for haute couture or luxury leather goods for leather pieces. The materials can no longer be used in traditional circuits because the quantities or lengths are too small for other uses. We give a second chance to fabrics and leathers that were left aside.

Feathers fillings, labels, shipping and delivery boxes are all made by French manufacturers. 

We will never deviate from these rules nor give in to industrialization and ready-made products.

We are proud to be craftsmen.

Craftsmen for beautiful, high quality products. A true French tradition.