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Welcome to Maison Popineau's OUTLET / End of Series page. You will find recent, original models that are called to be renewed. That is why we offer them at very attractive prices to reduce our stocks to a minimum in order to constantly offer new models in our Collections.

Take advantage of our offer to complete or start your Collection of elegant, original designer cushions to embellish your living room on sofas or armchairs, your bedroom or your office. Mix and match shades and fabrics as you like, with bold, original combinations or models with the same colors. Don't be afraid to mix and match different sizes as well. For example, combine 45x45 with 30x45 cushions, inserting a 40x40 between the two. Let your imagination run free to treat yourself or give as a gift.

OUTLET is a new section where you can find the last cushion(s) in a series at attractive prices. Our eco-friendly approach incites us to reduce stocks and constantly give new life to raw materials.One series ends, a new one begins.

Choose from designer cushions for armchairs and sofas, or from a comfort series for beds. Go for a variety of sizes, subtly mixing and matching the largest sizes in 45x45 or 40x40 with rectangular cushions in 30x45. Make your own combinations. Select according to design, colors or materials, depending on your preferences for delicate silk, raw materials such as linen or warmer fabrics like cashmere and wool. No matter what your choice, you will find Maison Popineau's exclusive, high-end creation and the guarantee of owning an original, personal decorative item. Treat yourself or give as a gift. 

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