Maison Popineau offers you a new interpretation of decorative design cushions

, that captures your attention by stimulating the sense of sight, stirring your memory and imagination…

Conception & confection of Decorative limited edition cushions

Exceptional cushions designed like artists' paintings!
Key pieces in interior decoration, Maison Popineau's high-end cushions, produced in unique pieces or small series, add an exceptional and exclusive touch.

The combination of creativity and skills, design and craftsmanship 100% made in France

A prestigious, contemporary label that enhances cushions with very "fashionably" designed collections.
Located in Paris, Maison Popineau creates and produces luxury cushions for those who love beauty and trends, with respect to artistic creation and fine craftsmanship worthy of haute couture.

Discover here all the news about our brand and from the studio, our new collections and cushions design, press releases and our useful deco tips… In a nutshell, everything which makes Maison Popineau.


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