Creativity and craftsmanship skills 100% Made in France

The first reason that the Maison Popineau was founded, was the desire to make unique models with highly creative added value, very graphic designs, far from industrially produced and printed cushions.
The second reason was the desire to provide a very high standard of quality, making exceptional models with impeccable details and finishes that bear the name of the Maison Popineau.

Located in Paris, the Maison Popineau follows the same work model as haute couture labels from conception to confection, upholding exclusive traditional skills to produce 100% made in France cushions.

Artistic direction,
the absolute key to differentiation

After finishing art school (Ecole Boulle, Olivier de Serres) and 20 years of experience in costume design and confection for the opera and theater, Aurore, Artistic Director for the Maison Popineau, uses her creative, classic and contemporary imagination combined with highly skilled techniques acquired during her demanding career, to create cushions.

In constant renewal, she creates designs that are often spectacular, always amazing in which amateurs recognize the qualities of a true artist.

Aurore + Richard,
Founders of the Maison Popineau

We are attentive to society, changing lifestyles and concerned about modern and responsible consumption. Therefore, we wanted a label that would be well-positioned in its own era, that would appeal to art and design lovers who are looking for rich, personalized interior decoration.

We have complementary training (creation + marketing) that provide different dimensions to the label, giving it a personality, and we are attentive to its constant renewal.

Aurore + Richard

An environmentally
responsible approach

Maison Popineau's objective: to restore life to materials that have been abandoned or can no longer be used in traditional manufacturing circuits.
Vintage or contemporary fabrics mainly come from haute couture fabric reserves and ends-of-series.
Leather used for the tabs on the cushion backs, are recovered from high-end leather goods suppliers.