Some decoration trends this season

Some decoration trends this season

Black Magic, Ethnic Bohemian, Arty Broc, Flower Power, Scandicraft ... so many trends in interior design this year. Pronounced styles and without concessions spotted in the aisles of the last deco and design salons in France (as on the Maison and Objets de Paris show) but also abroad.
From the total look to small touches to give a boost to its interior; There is something for every taste.

Black magic, elegant and modern atmosphere provided you choose the right accessories

An atmosphere both contemporary and warm. The black, timeless, is THE color of the season for a monochrome atmosphere enhanced by decorative elements, frames, vases, fabrics but also design cushions in shades of gray and illuminated with bright patterns.
For a chic interior, opt for the matte black, ultimate elegance.

Ethnic bohemian, an interior style re-updated this season

Always trendy, Bohemian style has been for several seasons. Today place in the Neo-Ethnic, rattan, ceramics, tribal prints without forgetting the unavoidable presence of a touch of greenery in its interior. The cactus of course!

Scandicraft, a more organic and less minimalist decoration

Scandinavian pastel, sleek minimalist lines, it's over. Instead of raw materials such as wood, cork, leather or linen with very natural finishes warm colors and comforting. An interior style with more organic forms. A more authentic and timeless vision of the Scandinavian style but always terribly Nordic in the sense that it is almost necessary to go to the essential. Gentleness and style without compromise, without extravagance but with a lot of humility.

You will understand, this year 2019 offers us different styles in terms of interior decoration and design. All sensibilities will find inspiration to completely revamp an interior or simply bring a touch of originality. New styles, re-visited or re-updated, the salons of design, decoration and interior design are this year still rich with beautiful proposals.