Decorative cushions, the enchanted habitat

Decorative cushions, the enchanted habitat

Accessory interior decoration become essential, the decorative cushion is needed in our habitat. Popularized by numerous decorations and architecture programs, it reconciles comfort, elegance and modernity. Finished the use of the cushion for the simple customary function that it possesses. The pillow comes out of the bedroom, protruding from the edge of the sofa. Today it finds place on a bench, a chair, a sofa and even outside for cozy terraces. From Saint-Tropez to Saint-Barth via the Rooftops of New York to the banquettes of the most fashionable restaurants, the cushion is back. Sometimes it is perceived as real creations just like a painting. This is the case of the cushions of Maison Popineau in Paris, which transforms this accessory of the house into real works of art, precious and daring.

Style and daring for design cushions and very expressive

Design, minimalist, baroque, discreet, flashy .. all styles are in the spotlight. It helps to emphasize an architecture such as a punctuation element. It can be exuberant with outsized or unobtrusive dimensions to elegantly soften the seat of a chair or an armchair. All daring is allowed and the cushion becomes a medium of expression with unsuspected potential.

Maison Popineau, creation and creation of cushions "haute couture"

In this spirit of modernity and even avant-garde, the Maison Popineau holds a singular place today in the creation of its decorative accessories, decorative and upscale. For the designer Aurore Popineau whose creation and confectionery workshops are located along the canal Saint-Martin in Paris, the cushion becomes a way of expression without limit. Poetic, dramatic, electric ... it is visited and revisited as a work of art to place at home. It sublimates our interior, it affirms our character and our sensitivity.

Basically, we could not even say that it simply allows us to communicate?

Choosing and buying cushions takes time and thought. It is an aesthetic investment that can change and upset the apprehension of a living space. Aurore Popineau, in an upcoming publication dedicated to the choice of your cushions will give you some tips to properly accessorize your interior.