Green cushion with a modern neo-patchwork design

A cushion's dominant color determines the ambient shade for your sofa or bedroom. Green creates a soothing, serene atmosphere, increasing the ambient calm in your interior.

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The color is considered as naturally cold, produced from combining blue and yellow, with red as its complementary color. A harmonious interior decoration strives to combine assorted colors and materials.

Maison Popineau's neo-patchwork style designer cushions give free range to your imagination, with more than variations of color, but different formats and patterns as well.

 luxury cushion made in france

If you are inspired by green cushions, you will especially love the GRIGRI cushions from the FAUX SEMBLANT collection or EUPHORIE from the FIGURE DE STYLE Collection.

The first shows off a bright green combined with intense blue, in a blend of satin silk and wool satin. As for the second, it subtly combines a soft green with neutral ivory and raw tones.

The materials contribute to its originality, harmoniously combining velvets, raw wool and silk.

 green designer cushion

A touch of green on a cushion instantly recalls nature. Green in your interior decoration will also evoke freshness and balance.

When used as a structuring color, it provides optimism, youth, happiness, energy and harmony.

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Several arranged on a sofa, alone in an armchair or in a series on your bed, cushions with dominant green will revive a room, adding a natural look and a sensation of well-being.

They will blend in with the decor and brighten up dimly lit rooms.
It's time to go green.

 set of luxury cushions


Combinations of colors


It is very easy to combine other colors with green. Green goes well with practically every color. It all depends on the selected theme.
It can be pleasantly combined with neutral tones: cream, brown, grey, white...It also goes very well with certain warm colors such as red, orange and yellow.
As for cold colors, it is simply perfect with blue.
Light colors will soften a bright green.

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