Make a style statement with different formats

For an elegant and modern interior atmosphere for your bed or sofa, combine 45x45 and 40x40 square cushions with 30x45 rectangular cushions. Maison Popineau offers different sized cushions so you can concentrate on choosing the best combinations of materials and harmonizing colors to create an elegant, artistic coherence between them and key pieces of furniture in your interior.

If you like black and white, go straight to the Sérénité theme to choose coordinating, harmonious shades in all formats.

luxury cushionsserenite cushions black and white

Here is a small description of the different cushion sizes from which to choose to help you find the perfect combination with no mistakes.

Cushions in 45x45 cm a good decorating base

These square cushions are ideal for creating a base for your interior design. They are especially recommended for sofas and large armchairs where they make a sizeable statement. You can choose solid colors if you combine them with smaller, more colorful, more contrasting cushions.

However,  Maison Popineau's designer, geometric cushions can stand alone. For example, the soft flannel alphabet cushions from the Ecole Buissonnière Collection. Arrange them alone or group them on a sofa, modern armchair or child's bed.

alphabet cushion made in francemix of comfortable original cushions

If you are looking for even more graphic patterns, choose models from Vice Versa, Faux Semblants and Coup de Foudre Collections pictured below.  Original cushions with distinctively modern designs and more architectural inspirations. Arranged in the center of your sofa, these models will emphasize your room's decorative statement and add an elegant, trendy touch for a personalized interior.

designer cushion made in france

The 40x40 cm cushion for narrower seating

If you like the 40x40 cm format, you will have a wide selection to choose from among the French-made Maison Popineau Collections. The same as 45x45 cushions, you can choose from any designs and models to mix and match them. Browse through the pages on the website to discover the Clin d’œil, Figure de Style and Faux Semblants Collections. Dare to mix and match colorful, always elegant decorative designer cushions made of high-end raw materials.

velvet luxury cushiondesigner cushion in limited series

If you want a more distinctive style, see the Coup de Foudre Collection for "lightning" designer cushions. Most models are available in the 40x40 format (like the Giorgio cushion in shades of black and white), as well as models in 45x45 (like Clovis, an elegant and unique cushion).

lightning designer cushion

Finally, if you have a large but shallow sofa, the Jour de Fête Collection is made for you. It's a set of 7 cushions in a unique series, with unique, complementary designs. Must-have designer cushions by Maison Popineau in 40x40.

set of 7 original cushions

The perfect decorative cushion for sofas in 30x45

Since their launch at Exposition Paris! le Bon Marché,  the cushions in 30x45 from the Grain de Folie Collection have been a huge success. Designed in more neutral shades than former cushions, they are perfect companions for more colorful and distinctively patterned cushions from other Collections. Their ideal size also allows you to blend shades and create harmonies using elegant cushions from various Collections.

decorative cushion in 30x4530x45 cushion for sofas

Some models were imagined as direct variations of cushions from other Collections for perfect matching. They use the same fabrics, the same materials and the same shades. Others are imagined in perfect synergy using the same fabrics and same colors.

geometric cushion 45x45cmdesigner original cushionblack original cushions

If you like geometric patterns, adopt a couple of reverse pattern cushions, an ideal solution to create an unusual surprise effect on a small sofa, a bed or large armchair. Here is an example of 2 Scarlett models, rectangular and graphic cushions in 3 shades of black, silver and raw.

geometric designer cushion

Original combination of a series of 4 cushions

Here is a very graphic, modern Collection in an unusual combination of 4 cushions in complementary formats. Folle Envie is an original, handcrafted Collection that makes a statement on a bed or sofa in refined, majestic interiors.

The large cushion (70x45 cm) is the perfect complement to its smaller mate (30x45 cm). One pair echoes the other pair in a mirrored pattern. A truly amazing effect.

set of 4 geometric cushions in a sofa

Coming soon, a new IT decorative design in 40x60 format

Coming in the next few weeks, Maison Popineau will offer a new format in the e-shop. Prototypes are in the finishing stages. One of the favorite formats according to the best interior decorators...and as always, with Maison Popineau's original, stylish design!


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