Maison & Objet 2017 - Serenity

Maison & Objet 2017 - Serenity

Serenity, more of a concept than a Collection

Sérénité, presented this year at Maison&Objet in Villepinte, is not a new collection. It’s a theme/concept that runs through all of the collections and cushion designs created by Maison Popineau, based on the same color harmonies to express soothing elegance with subtle light interplay.

A serene approach to decorative accessories that can easily be pictured in elegant, stylish interiors.

geometric cushionluxury cushion©maisonpopineau

A minimalist and incisive vision

These models prefer subliminal rather than ostentatious luxury that focuses on the combination of materials, weaves, matt and shine...making these pillows essential pieces in an elegant, minimalist decor, valued for their graphic purity and incisive geometric lines.

Spotlight on fabrics and combinations of materials

Sérénité’s originality is based on harmonious combinations of materials and fabrics expressed through original, updated geometric lines on haute couture cushions. Silk, wool, cotton, linen... subtly combine in creations imagined by Aurore Popineau, the label's artistic director.

Although each cushion in 40x40 or 45x45 is an original design, they are all created on a common base where we find putty satin, ivory moiré, light khaki washi canvas and raw wool fabric...punctuated with more textured black materials such as velvet, wool or lamé.

Textured cushions that play with light

All fabrics are selected in a range of neutral colors, ideal for enhanced light effects. They combine an interplay between matt and shiny materials, each reflecting more or less intensely light. Depending on their exposure to bright lights in a living room or more the more subdued lights in a bedroom, they fit into the general ambience.

design and fashion pillow©maisonpopineau

A craftsman approach from conception to confection

Like all collections by Maison Popineau, the series presented at Maison & Objet 2017 was first sketched, then treated with combinations of colors and fabrics before producing an extremely refined and exclusive piece of work. The display of 9 cushions presented at the trade show demonstrate Aurore’s creative expression as an accomplished, evolving form of inner serenity.

All models are created as unique pieces or in small limited series and are 100% designed and made in France as well as eco-friendly.

original drawing

In January 2016, Maison Popineau received the Prix Fil Vert - Maison & Objet and the Journal des Femmes - rewarding its Green Attitude.

eco friendly cushions